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Do you want to rank higher in Search engines but aren’t able to? Building a link from other sites would definitely help you.

But not every link is good for you. Getting a link from any site doesn’t mean that it going to benefit your site especially from a spam site.

It will hurt your ranking instead of boosting it.

Well, there are many ways you could build backlink. Web 2.0 is one of the best and easy way to do so.

Web 2.0 has been gaining popularity in recent years because of its non-static, simple and interactive experience. People are thriving to build their links on authority web 2.0 sites.

Being said that here are a couple of things that you should be focusing on.

  • You should focus on quality links rather than quantity.
  • Always be up to date on Google algorithms so that you don’t get spammed and improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking.

If you search Web 2.0 sites list on Google then you will find plenty of articles on it. Perhaps you will find many lists of sites at once. But in reality, most of them don’t work.

I also faced a similar situation while Building backlinks for my site. So, after months and months of research finally, I have a list of Web 2.0 sites that actually work.

Before jumping into the list it’s better to have some knowledge about these terms:

What is Web 2.0?

The second generation of WWW (World Wide Web), also known as Web 2.0, is a much more dynamic experience for both users as well as web publishers. Interaction between them has been simplified.

And now even without technical knowledge, a contribution can be made by any user. In Web 2.0, you can create your website with just a few clicks and you can even add your blogs or contents. Sounds insane, doesn’t it?

But it’s true. Just a few clicks.

Domain Authority (DA):

Domain Authority is a ranking score in the search engine of the website’s domain. This helps to determine the ranking chances of the website on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Therefore, people generally try to find High DA Websites to post their blogs or content as it would have higher chances of getting ranked.

Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). PA scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Whoa! Enough of theories, let’s get down to the business.

The wait is finally over.

Here is the list of High DA Dofollow Web 2.0 sites for SEO in 2019.

    S.N Web 2.0 Sites DA PA
 1 https://wordpress.com/ 93 88
2 http://www.blogspot.com/ 99 82
3 https://www.weebly.com 93 83
4 https://www.own-free-website.com/ 34 74
5 https://www.doodlekit.com/ 45 70
6 https://tumblr.com 88 99
7 https://www.jimdo.com 67 66
8 http://blog.fc2.com/ 91 74
9 cabanova.com 58 48
10 webgarden.com 35 59
11 https://sites.google.com/ 98 69
12 https://www.over-blog.com/ 93 82
13 minds.com 88 65
14 https://www.livejournal.com/ 92 97
15 https://hubpages.com/ 91 70

High DA Nofollow Web 2.0 Sites

Now, let’s check out the list of High DA Nofollow Web 2.0 sites. Generally, most of the people think Nofollow sites are not much of use, it doesn’t help in ranking.

It’s true.

Nofollow link doesn’t help in boosting ranking, but it does help to increase traffic. Originally NoFollow links were developed by Google to combat blog comment spam.

Nofollow links doesn’t pass link juice like Dofollow so it’s not going to help your Google rankings. However there are other benefits of Nofollow links that you will certainly help your SEO.

  • It can directly help with your SEO
  • It can bring lots of traffic
  • Lastly Nofollow links from popular sites can lead to Dozens of DoFollow links.

And I’m sure you definitely don’t want to miss out these benefits.

S.N Web 2.0
1 https://www.wix.com
2 https://evernote.com/
3 https://www.jigsy.com
4 https://www.bravesites.com
5 https://www.yolasite.com
6 https://us.webnode.com/
7 https://www.rediff.com
8 https://www.own-free-website.com
9 https://www.webs.com/
10 https://issuu.com/
11 https://www.smore.com/
12 shutterfly.com
13 https://www.yola.com
14 http://snappages.com/
15 https://mybloggers.com/
16 https://www.xing.com/

Well, that’s all Folks.

Now that you have a good list of Web 2.0, start creating links for your site. I hope you find these sites useful.

Also I’d like to hear from you:

What’s your experience with backlinks?

Here Are The Best High DA Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List (2019)

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