how to manually install wordpress

WordPress is the most popular and free website builder based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was initially created for blogs, but now it’s suitable for all kinds of websites. In fact, now it powers over 33% of all websites on the internet.

WordPress is an open source platform. Anyone can download the software for free and build the website easily. Most of the hosting companies provides a one-click WordPress installation tool like Softaculous, but not every hosting companies offers this feature.

In such case, you need to install WordPress manually which can a complicated job if you are new to WordPress or do not have any idea about such technical things.

This tutorial will help you to manually install WordPress without using any application tool.

First, let’s have an overview of the one-click WordPress Installation tool called Softaculous.

What Is Softaculous?

The Softaculous is an auto-installer available script that allows you to easily install popular web applications like WordPress with just a few clicks. Many Hosting companies like Namecheap, SiteGround, Bluehost use Softaculous in their control panel.

If you have Softaculous app in your control panel then it’s much easier to install WordPress from there. All you need to do is simply login to your cPanel account and look for Softaculous.

How To Install WordPress On Cpanel?

Step 1. Login To Control Panel

If you are using Namecheap first, login to control panel with correct username and password. Then look for Softaculous Apps Installer. Under this section you will locate WordPress logo just click on it.
install wordpress from cpanel

install wordpress

Step 2: Choose The Domain And Install WordPress

Screen will appear asking you to install WordPress. Just click on Install Nowinstall wordpress

Next you need to choose the domain you wish to install WordPress. Then, give an admin name, password and Other necessary information.

how to install wordpress

how to install wordpress

You will have an option to select any theme. If you don’t select any theme then, default theme Twenty Nineteen will be selected automatically.

how to install wordpress

Now click on the Install button to run the installer.

Tada, it’s done. Quite simple right?

Now, Here’s come the real challenge.

How To Manually Install WordPress On Cpanel ?

You need to follow the following steps to install the WordPress on control panel without any auto-install tool.

If you don’t want to watch the video tutorial, then you can continue reading the guide below:

Step 1. Download Latest WordPress

You need to download the latest version of WordPress from their official site:

Install wordpress

Step 2. Log Into Your Cpanel

Login with your username and password to control panel.

install wordpress from cpanel

Step 3. Install WordPress Into Cpanel

Go to File Manager and Click on it.

Then, click on the public_html directory to install your WordPress.

Note: If you have shared hosting, select the directory you wish to install your WordPress.

Step 4. Upload The Zip File

How to install wordpress

Remember, don’t unzip it and try to upload. Leave as it is and click on the “upload” button on the top middle corner.


How to install wordpressAfter a successful upload, now you need to extract the zip file. Then, right click on the wordpress folder (zip folder) and select the Extract.

How to install wordpress

A new window will pop up where you need to specify the path. Make sure the path is /public_html. If not delete the unnecessary path and click on Extract Files.

How to install wordpress

One more step needs to be done.

Right now all the WordPress files are under “WordPress” folder name i.e the file path is public_html>wordpress. You need to move all the files under “WordPress” Folder to Public_html folder.

For that select all the files and right click to select Move.

How to install wordpress

Now you need to choose the path where you want to move all those files. Make sure that all the files should go under only public_html folder.

How to install wordpress How to install wordpress

Step 5. Create A Database And Database User.

Now you will need to create a new database and database user. First, let’s create a new database.

Go to Cpanel and under Database section find MYSQL Database and click on it.

How to manually install wordpress

Then give a new name to the database and click on Create Database.

How to install wordpress

Now you have to create new user. On the same window find Add New Users.

Give a new name to the user and password. Click on Create User.

How to install wordpress

Note: Always use a strong password for all the account whether its database or database user.

You can also click on the Password Generator. It will automatically generate a unique and strong password for you.

Also, save the database name, username, and database user password. You will need this in the later step. Make a copy of all of it paste it somewhere else like Notepad or sticky note.

Step 6. Add User To The Database

Next, you need to add the user to the database with full permissions.

Scroll down and find Add User To Database. Select the database and user that you previously created and click on Add.

How to install wordpress

Click on All Privileges then, select Make Changes.

How to install wordpress

Step 7. Connect Database and WordPress

After successful creation of the database now, it’s time to connect WordPress and database. First visit your domain that you have uploaded the WordPress files to.

how to manaully install wordpress

A screen will appear asking for the default language you are using for the site. Select the language you preferred then click on Continue to proceed.

Step 8. Fill In Each Field With Your Database Information.

Now you need to fill the fields with correct username and password. This process is important in order for WordPress to connect to the database that you have created.

How to install wordpress

Click on Submit when you finish entering the information.

Step 10. Final Stage

You’ll see a page saying, “All right, sparky!”. Basically, this a page to confirm that you’re ready to begin the installation process to the server. Click on Run the install.

How to install wordpress

Next, you need to fill in the fields for the Site title, Username for the administrator, password for the administrator, and the email for the administrator.

You also have a checkbox for Search Engine visibility that you can use to discourage search engines from indexing the site if you are still in the middle of developing the site.

Click on Install WordPress when you finish filling in the fields.


setup wordpress

After this, you will be redirected to the login page. Fill the fields with correct username and password to enter the dashboard.

login dashboard


That’s all folks. I hope this tutorial might have helped you learn about how to manually install WordPress. 

How To Manually Install WordPress Without Softaculous

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