Are you trying to find your profitable niche but don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you don’t have any clue what a niche market really is? Or maybe you are not getting the profit you should be getting from the blog and it looks all waste of time? Look I get it, it’s confusing with all the conflicting information out there in the internet world.

But I’ve got you covered…

If you are new to digital marketing  or whether have been around for a while and stuck in the digital wasteland unable to progress, then this guide can help you to find a better profitable niche for you.

Let’s begin.

What is a niche? A niche is a highly-specialized market place. For example, a niche could be something like politics, fitness, make money with freelance. To put it simply, niche research is a subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.

Niche Research is the most important phase of the process, especially for beginners. Niche marketing is a useful approach, which can help businesses to increase their financial gain margins, increase brand loyalty, longer survival due to a less competitive market.

What is Niche Site?

Niche site focuses on a specific set of information or products that readers or purchasers are looking for. The point is that the website must be super specific to be considered a Niche. eg – Neilpatel.com is a site that completely focuses on SEO.

On the other hand, the example of what is not a niche site can be given by a simple website like “msn.com”. It is a non-niche site as it focuses on many issues and subjects.

Confused with all that non-niche and niche site? Or thinking whether the niche that you have thought of going to be profitable?

Don’t be. Here’s how you can identify whether the niche you have selected is profitable or not.

  • Too Broad Niche
  • Narrow Niche
  • Too Narrow Niche

Too Broad Niche-

The best example of a too broad niche is Amazon. Although its focus is on shopping, the niche area is not specific enough. It sells a variety of products like women fashion, men fashion, kitchen appliance, gym appliance etc.

let’s take another example “Health”. Health itself is a broad term as it can be further categorized into women health issues, skin cancer and many more.

niche research

Having a too broad niche could not only waste your time and effort but also you might lose all the potential traffic that you should be having at this moment.

Narrow Niche-

A niche that focuses on specific information or products is narrow niche. It is the most profitable niche. For an example – If you visit any large e-commerce website like “Amazon” there you can find a lot of product categories like Women fashion, men fashion. Women Fashion points towards women related products.

Such Niche like Women fashion can be a good niche for you to begin with your business. But remember women fashion itself is a broad term as if we go further deep down we can have categories like women clothing, jewelry and so on.

niche research

Such niche is called a micro-niche site.  Micro-niche sites are websites that are extremely specific to a particular product or topic. Creating a micro-niche site has been one of the most popular ways to make money online.

Always have a clear concept about narrow niche sometimes the niche that you choose as a narrow niche can be a broad niche too.

If you compare Fashion with woman fashion then women’s fashion is a narrow niche. But if you compare woman’s fashion with women 90’s fashion style then woman fashion can be a broad term.

Too Narrow Niche-

Too narrow niches are focused on super-duper specific products or information. For instance “winter clothing”. This keyword focuses only on winter clothes no other clothing categories like summer clothing.

niche research

Building your niche site around this niche would be less productive than a narrow niche. Even if it does make you a few hundred dollars, it’s not going to last because sooner or later this product will be outdated.

Let’s say if you write a blog only about iPhone X then soon people will stop reading about it. why? Because every technology gets outdated at some point and not to forget new version are released frequently.


Thus, a niche is a unique way to make an impact on the people you really want to help. Standing out and specializing in business makes a lot of difference to the customers and clients who want to connect with you. Your ideal client is what makes your business stand out in a competitive market because without one you won’t have a business.

Now that you have learned about what is niche research in detail. It’s time to brainstorm some ideas and have a list of a niche topic. In the next blog, I will teach you how to do Niche Research properly to gain all the profit out of it.

Read Here: https://www.techuniversum.com/how-to-do-niche-research/

What is Niche Research – Definitive Guide For Beginner

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